DandyID command for Ubiquity:

With this command for Ubiquity you will be able to get more information about any DandyId user directly from your browser.


1. Install ubiquity on your firefox browser, if you don't have already.

2. Reload this page, and you'll see a message like this:

click in the "Subscribe" button.

3. You'll receive an security warning message, similar to this one, click in the "I know what I'm doing. Subscribe it!"

4. Done! You're ready to use this command.


1. When you want to get more information about someone. Just open Ubiquity (with CTRL+Space bar), and use the following command:

dandyid email service

As soon as your complete the email address, the command will show you the user's registered services. With this information, you'll be able to decide to which service you want to be redirected.

After you complete the command and press ENTER key,  and you'll be redirected to the user's specific service profile.

You can also use this command selecting any email from a webpage, just select the text and open Ubiquity (with CTRL+Space bar):

and just type "dandyid", and press TAB. The command will show the registered services for the selected email.



Please feel free leave any feedback to david.bello@sinesat.com

Version History

Abril 22. First release.
July 21st. Ubiquity 0.5 now supported.